Graffiti in berlin wall

By Joanie
Most notable is the graffiti that has become one of the largest ongoing pieces of art in recent history. A patrol of the Grepos or border police of the GDR on the 'death strip' between the two walls, the border of East and West Berlin. Graffiting on the wall became popular for artists from all over the world and a place where tourists would go and admire the artwork. The rich and versatile street art scene in Berlin is a result of various paradoxes that followed the evolution of the movement.

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Graffiti in berlin wall
She copy pictures and video's to her computer. There were no cars, no shops, no noises. In street art community, Berlin is often referred to as the graffiti Mecca, street art capital and most bombed city in Europe. Cut Paste Photo Effect now includes Photo Stickers and Full images for Free Form Photo Collages. Nothing really happened at the Berlin Wall.
The photograph is truly one of the most recognizable lighthouse photographs in the world. The longest remaining part of the wall. Although the Berlin Wall was unquestionably a mental border that divided the German state, the physical structure itself has become an iconic symbol of the twentieth century.