How to change clan logo in warrock

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Clan colour can be changed in junon from the clan manager. Whoops, forgot about modding it. Each clan may have its own in-game logo, called a clan mark, for a fee paid with in-game virtual currency.
How to change clan logo in warrock
If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Even if your clan isn't big, or if you lose all your matches, you still have a chance at winning. Seriously, not really funny for me atm.

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Hello friends, In this video I uploaded a detailed description about the clan title newly available on our clan shop. Like triangles in posing, triangles in lighting are effective too, but certain geometric rules apply for effective Rembrandt lighting in photography. Here you'll have another chance to win and be able to show off a unique logo in-game. So the central theme here is to decorate them with some unique designs with the help of the modern wall decor designs.