Flash photography workshop brisbane

By Myesha
Reflections at Dusk Wellington Point by Kane Gledhill. Short courses and workshops, Perfect for beginners, learn how to take better more creative photos with your digital camera. After completing this course you will know how your flash works and you'll be able to use it to take photos you're really happy with.

Lenny K Photography is created in the outlook of helping one discover their hidden artistic talents through the development of their photography and photo editing skills.

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If you want to learn to take control of your camera, whether you have a point shoot camera or a Digital SLR, Life Portraits can help you. Our Flash Photography Workshop is for you if you've always been scared to get your flash out of the bag. In that how u point out background for which control, didnt give any id or name for background, o which image it strech.

Photography Workshops Training - Brisbane Australia.

Flash photography workshop brisbane
A photographic workshop with Markus Andersen. We all love taking photographs, but there is a big difference between recording what we see creating a beautiful image.