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By Sherrie
Doctor Birds tend to feed frequently during the day time and hibernate at night to conserve energy. They are found mostly in closed forest wherever there is flowering plants. A Gift For Adam, People in the Medical Field. He got his first glimpse of a Doctor Bird while he was sitting in a calabash tree studying orchids.

The colors dont have to be exact, but get as close as you can.

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Doctor Clip Art Illustration - Free Clip Art. Free Online Doctor and Child Colouring Page - Kids Activity Sheets.
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This page displays the most beautiful bird pictures of Pexels. Getting interviewed by a Doctor. The Taino Indians believed that the Doctor Bird has magical powers and called it the God Bird, believing it to be the reincarnation of a dead soul. One states that it is called doctor because its long black tail of the adult male resembles the long black tail coats doctors were known to wear in the past. However, it can also be seen in gardens and parks.

The bird's main source of nutrition is nectar from plants but it also eats spiders and insects.

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