Different types of forest images

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Sub-tropical forests Located at the south and north of the tropical forests. The trees grow very densely together and the branches and leaves block most of the light from penetrating to the understory. The image above will give you an idea.
Mediterranean forests Located at the south of the temperate regions around the coasts of the Mediterranean, California, Chile and Western Austral. The images invariably lie within the focal length of the lens.
A vital storehouse of biodiversity, sustaining millions of different animals, birds, algae and fish species. Upload Pictures to Picasa Albums from Live Photo Gallery. The main characteristic of this type is waterlogged soil.

Tropical rain forests contain millions of species.

Different types of forest images
A surplus of rain and high insolation sunlight are other year-round attributes of a tropical rainforest. Girls like surprises, so try to surprise yours by presenting her a beautiful gift thats perfect according to the occasion.